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Korean Spiced Chicken :: Dak Galbi (닭갈비)

Sorry there was no recipe last week, folks! I was visiting Sweden with my sweetie O for midsummer — it was great seeing his friends and family, and getting to eat all that wonderful Swedish (and Korean!) food. Now I’m back and even more committed to cooking at home and trying to save some money in the process. ;) 

Before I left for vacay, I had some friends over for dak galbi, or Korean spiced chicken. I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I ADORE this dish — basically a mix of marinated chicken, assorted veggies and rice cake. The best part comes at the end when you mix in some rice and create that heavenly layer of crispy nooroongji (much like paella’s soccarat) that forms from the residual heat of the pan. Ahhh, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! 

Dak galbi joints are usually peppered around busy university areas, as it’s a popular and affordable student food. It’s also very convivial, as you eat ’round a large tabletop skillet, taking turns mixing everything up. Cold beer and even colder soju are often good friends of this dish. :) I love dak galbi so much that I finally decided to give it a go at home. And you know what? It was really easy and REALLY good! 

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Glazed Baked Chicken Wings

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the day off with family, friends and good food. As for me, I’m getting over a cold, but still had O and his two friends over for a simple summery lunch. Not a typical Korean one, but definitely Asian-inspired. ;)

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Korean Chicken Porridge :: Dak Juk (닭죽)

The weather in New York has been stubbornly chilly lately. You can tell everyone is so over this 50 degree business, especially since we were visited by the 80 degree fairy not too long ago. Spring, where’d you go??

This finicky weather seems to be causing lots of colds and allergies. My sweetie O stayed home sick today because of flu-like symptoms brought on over the weekend. I immediately got into nurse-mode and prepared a pot of dak juk, a Korean version of chicken soup for the soul (Seoul? har har, sorry).

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