I haven’t posted any restaurant reviews because honestly, this site is meant to encourage more home K-cooking. But who are we kidding — obviously life can get busy and you can easily find yourself eating out, or being just plain lazy after a long day.

This is one case of laziness I am truly proud of. :) O and I FINALLY managed to check out Arirang restaurant in K-town a few weeks ago on a particularly cold and wet afternoon. This nondescript, 3rd floor restaurant specializes in kalguksu (=knife noodles) and soojaebi (=hand torn dough ‘flakes’). I could probably go a week straight eating nothing but kalguksu and being a happy camper; O would be the same with his soojaebi!

They also offer a mixed bowl featuring both carb-laden goodness: the kaljaebi. I ordered the chicken kaljaebi and O ordered the seafood soojaebi, which came with a heaping mound of greens. We dug into our huge bowls (big enough to wash our faces in!) and barely spoke during the meal. That’s how good it was. My chicken broth was nice and rich; his seafood broth tasted clean and well-seasoned. The noodles and dough flakes were perfectly tender and chewy. We could have easily ordered just one and shared, but we were all business!

I believe the original location is in Flushing — we’ll have to try that outpost next time we’re there. In the meantime, 32nd Street is a fabulously close alternative for those living in the city. Go out and get yourself a steaming bowl this winter!

Arirang is located at 32 West 32nd Street, 3rd floor (you can easily pass by unknowingly, so pay close attention :) you’ll enter through a small entryway on the ground floor; walk through and hop on the elevator). 212-967-5088.


2 Responses to “Arirang”

  1. 1 Greg March 18, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    I’ve made bibimbap a bunch of times but it never seems to taste like it does in a Korean restaurant. I’m not sure if it’s my veggies or if I’m not making the gochujang sauce properly. Would you please post a proper recipe for bibimbap? Btw, your site looks great. Thanks for putting it together. I’m off to make bokumbap using your recipe.

  2. 2 bets March 31, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Nice review! I live in New England with two Korean-born boys and often daydream about taking the train to NYC to show them the big city and especially K-town. Sounds like whether in Manhattan or Flushing, there will be some good restaurant choices. Appreciate the review.

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